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Looks great, be thinking of you all over the next few days... working at a few of these events myself ... smaller scale but a great place to be...


Hello. Just checking in and seeing how this works . .


Exciting to discover your stand today. It's good to know that the witness continues. May the Creator bless, protect and sustain you all this week as you bring the ancient scriptures to life, and may many respond!


Best wishes for your booth. It should prove to be a creative learning curve for your volunteers as much as an opportunity to offer good news to visitors and exhibitors alike.

Enjoy your time as much as you can while the fan-fare lasts. We delved into exhibition outreach in Australia in the 1990s, and it worked well. Nowadays such festivals are passe and in decline in Australia because New Age spirituality is now mainstream.

You folks are finally catching up on the trends that were ablaze "Down Under" fifteen years ago. Perhaps there's a few lessons for EC folk in the UK to take notice of from "Down Under"?



Folks - I've posted up a quick "virtual tour" of the MBS festival highlighting various exhibitors booths and posing questions that relate back to Christianity. I urge you to debrief after the festival and have some ideas on my blog about the kinds of questions you could ponder.

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dekhomai postcards

  • the Jesus prayer
    the set of dekhomai postcards for the london mind body spirit festival. on one side is a lovely image and on the reverse a spiritual exercise. lots of people are unsure how to pray - these cards offer some things to try that will help... come and pick them up on the stand where we will be giving them away free.

mind body spirit festival london 2007

  • 23. foot massage
    photos taken at the london mind body spirit festival 2007

mind body spirit festival london 2006

  • dekhomai stand
    a few snaps of the london mind body spirit festival 2006