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Matt Stone

Well yes, if you read the Old Testament you'll see both the YHWHists and the Baals shared an active prayer life. Not always 100% interchangeable though if memory serves me correctly. Please, just a wee bit of discernment here would not go astray.

jon birch, bath, england

oooH... nobody likes a misery! how many times were those same people saved through prayer!!!
jonah was a misery... prayer is a common form of searching... most are not baal worshippers or
anything similar... so, please, drop the high horse and have a little respect for other users... cheers!

jon birch

...and, while i'm on the subject... this site is a place where we are looking for commonality
and a way of making relationships... not burning bridges even before they are built... so, mr. stone
a little discernment would not go astray.
sorry... that was my wife you were rude to and it has annoyed me!

jon birch

one more thing... this site is 'the welcoming' site. my beautiful, intelligent and kind hearted wife
was made to feel most unwelcome... and that is completely unacceptable for a site of this nature.
please do not comment, unless you have something positive or sensible to say, because it will ruin
the good work which this site is intended for.

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