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Many of the most traditional mantras contain the long "aaa" sound which makes Maranatha ideal as it's there four times. The relaxed mouth position which makes the "aaa" sound is found in many names for God around the world.

Gospodi pomilui [GAW spo di paw MEE louie] is another favourite of mine from the Christian tradition – in another language. It means: 'Lord, have mercy'.

This description of its use come from a monastery in Siberia in 1902:

"In front is a great screen of gold, candle lights catch cornices and make them glow like shafts from the sun. Possibly all this massed gold would be ostentatious in the light of day. But now, in the softness of the evening, ostentation fades away. Everywhere are pictures of saints, and before them stand heavy candelabra with a hundred sockets. It is for the devout to bring their tapers, fix them, and do reverence.

But something better than incense fills the air. It is the sound of men's voices. There is no organ; there are no stringed instruments. There is a choir of men, and their throats have deep richness. With the majesty of a Gregorian chant, they sing their Slavonic adoration, but tinged with pity, like the low melody of wind on the plains.

A door in the middle of the screen swings open. There are priests, long-haired and long-whiskered, in heavy canonical robes, silver-twined. One, a tall man, sallow-faced, lustre-eyed, his black beard that of a young man, his hair falling over his shoulders, comes forward swaying a censer. He stands on the step, and in a voice of sweetness and strength cries, "Gospodi pomilui" - "Lord, have mercy!"

His face is like that of Christ - not an unusual type among Russian priests.

"Gospodi pomilui," responded the worshippers, kneeling and touching the ground with their foreheads."

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